A frequent stopover en route to the Sahara Desert is Zagora. On your route to Erg Chigaga, one of the two largest dunes in the Moroccan desert, this is the final significant town you will pass. Even though the majority of tourists only stay for one night at the Zagora oasis, it is a destination unto itself! It's an outstanding area to see traditional Moroccan living amid stunning landscape among some quite unusual sites, and there are little signs of urbanization.

30.3459° N, 5.8407° W

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Things to do in Zagora

We are experts at creating a Moroccan experience perfectly tailored to our guests needs. These are some of our most popular sights and activities, and they may be customized to the utmost extent of your imaginations.

Camel Ride

Traverse the desert in an authentic Berber caravan

Traverse the desert the traditional way - your guide will lead you through the winding dunes as you sit atop your very own Berber camel caravan. To add an extra special touch, ask to have your caravan readied at sunrise or sunset. The desert sun is simply spectacular, but can be quite hot during mid-day.


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