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North Western Morocco

A tapestry of Islamic and French-colonial heritage.

Morocco's capital city, Rabat is largely untouched by tourism and a must-see for history enthusiasts keen on tracing Morocco’s footsteps through the ages.

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Here's a few things to look forward to in Rabat.

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Explore the ruins of Chellah

Initially established as a Greek trading emporium, the ruins at Chella has been reborn several times over since then; first transformed into the Roman colony of “Sala Colonia”, which was then conquered by North African Muslims to be used a royal burial ground.

These intricate stone carvings and zellige ornamentation serve as the backdrop for an annual international jazz festival held in September, called Jazz au Chellah, featuring collaborative performances between European and Moroccan jazz musicians.


Explore the Volubilis ruins

Volubilis is an ancient Roman city and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The crown of towering Roman columns is an unexpected sight given the standard imagery of Moroccan architecture, and is a testament to Morocco’s diverse historical and geopolitical roots.


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