Tangier, Europes's Gateway to Africa

Northern Morocco
35.7595° N, 5.8340° W

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Things to do in Tangier

We are experts at creating a Moroccan experience perfectly tailored to our guests needs. These are some of our most popular sights and activities, and they may be customized to the utmost extent of your imaginations.

The Blue Medina

Explore the Blue Medina

You might need to read William Burroughs novels to live the story of Tangier, it's a door way into one of the most exotic countries on earth, a very Moroccan city with a European outlook, it has been and still a strategic port on the Strait of Gibraltar and gateway between Africa and Europe since Phoenician times, its history, architectural heritage  and blended cultures makes it interesting to visit.

The Blue Streets

Walk the blue-washed streets

Although it’s a bit of a mystery what caused the town to paint itself blue — some say the color is intended to keep mosquitoes away, others say it was painted by the Jews who settled there after escaping the Spanish Inquisition, and still others maintain that the blue simply symbolizes the sea or the sky — one thing is evident: Chefchaouen looks good in it.


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