Trace the roots of Moroccan craftsmanship among the ancient monuments and weavings streets of the Medina. In Fes you’ll discover the foundations of Moroccan civilization and culture.

North Eastern Morocco
34.0181° N, 5.0078° W

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Things to do in Fes

We are experts at creating a Moroccan experience perfectly tailored to our guests needs. These are some of our most popular sights and activities, and they may be customized to the utmost extent of your imaginations.

Chouara Tannery

Admire the ancient traditions of leather craft

Don’t miss a visit to the famous Chaouwara Tanneries, where you can observe the entire leather stripping, dying, and drying process unfold before your eyes from one of the many viewing platforms surrounding the tannery courtyard. The smell is as iconic as the destination itself, and you can shop from the best selection of leather products you’ll find anywhere in the country.

Tombe dei Merenidi

Breathe in an unparalleled view of Fes

The Marinid Tombs, situated on a hill overlooking Fez, consist of a large and impressive stone wall, surrounded by stretches of ancient graveyard. These ruins are believed to date back to the 14th century when the Sunni Muslim Marinid dynasty ruled Morocco, although due to weathering the site’s precise historical roots remain uncertain.


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