Often referred to as “The Hollywood of Africa”, throughout Ouarzazate you'll find cities of brown mud homes and kasbahs, surrounded by oases of green palms and towering river gorges.

Central Morocco
30.9335° N, 6.9370° W

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Things to do in Ouarzazate

We are experts at creating a Moroccan experience perfectly tailored to our guests needs. These are some of our most popular sights and activities, and they may be customized to the utmost extent of your imaginations.

Aït Ben Haddou

Explore ancient fortresses and movie sets

Game of Thrones fans, rejoice! This city — and in particular, the ksar (walled town) of earthen dwellings — is iconic not only for serving as the setting of the famous TV series and numerous famous movies, but also as an impressive display of southern Moroccan architecture.

Movie buffs may recognise it from Lawrence of Arabia, Jesus of Nazareth (for which much of Aït Ben Haddou was rebuilt), Jewel of the Nile (note the Egyptian towers) and Gladiator, to name a few.

The Secret Cafe

Sip Mint tea in a desert oasis

Share a quiet moment together in the gardens of a desert oasis. Whether you spend a few nights here or simply stop by for some refreshments, sipping mint tea in the cool shades of a fig tree is sure to be a treasured memory.

Dades Valley

Walk among lush valleys and fantastical formations

The Dades Valley is a particularly scenic section of the Dades River valley, Gravity, characterized by lush green valleys framed against gravity defying rock stacks and gorges on either side.

Explore the ancient red-clay fortresses, sample fresh-picked figs, and marvel at the scenery.

Dades Valley Switchbacks

See the Dades Valley Switchbacks

The Dades Valley Switchback is easily the most iconic stretch of road in this region of Morocco, with the view point atop the hill offering a spactacular view of the gorge and river below.

Rug Shopping

Shop for handcrafted rugs

The Berber people are renowned artisans, making some of the highest quality handicrafts in the country. Berber rugs are hand-woven from camel hair and cactus silk, with every piece telling a story about some aspect of Berber culture. Be sure you learn the backstory before you take home the goods you buy, or you’ll miss half the treasure.


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